The Man in the Yellow Suit

Man I got lucky and home just in time to watch the show! Seriously, I walked in the door at 8:00 and turned the tv on at 8:01. I’m so glad too, because this episode was actually pretty good, even with the Barry/Iris crap.

In this episode we get to meet the reverse flash. It’s Christmas and Barry is helping Joe get the Christmas decorations ready. It’s then that Joe gets a call, has to leave, and Iris and Barry exchange gifts.

With Caitlin, as she is heading to her car she sees her fiance Ronnie and follows him. When she catches up to him she watches as he bursts into flames, and takes off. The only person she tells about the encounter is Cisco.


The Reverse Flash is becoming more active by breaking into a lab called Mercury Labs. He kills several guards, and when the only witness is questioned by police he says he saw a blur in a yellow suit. Barry realizes that it’s the man who killed his mother and Joe admits to Barry that this man took all the files on his mothers death and threatened to kill Iris.

Barry and Joe go back to STAR Labs, where the Flash team discovers that Mercury Labs is dealing with something called Tachyon particles. They realize that this is what the Reverse Flash wants and want to set up a trap.

When Barry is alone, he sees the Reverse Flash and begins to chase him. When he is able to stop, the Reverse Flash is vibrating his whole body so Barry cannot see him. They continue the chase some more, which leads to fighting and Barry losing.

Dr. Wells and Joe devise a plan to catch Reverse Flash with a containment field and use the Tachyon device as bait.  As they are doing that, Cisco and Caitlin track down Ronnie. They find him, who says that he’s Firestorm, not Ronnie.

Barry and the team put the Tachyon device in the middle of STAR Labs to lure Reverse Flash. But Joe and Dr. Wells tell Barry that he must sit the mission out, since he is too close to the case. Barry argues that this fight is his but Joe still says no.

Barry then decides to visit his father in prison, and tells him that he found the real killer, but failed to catch him. Barry apologizes, but his father insists that it’s alright. He tells Barry that he must stop the investigation, saying that The Man In The Yellow Suit has already taken enough from Barry’s life. Barry leaves and visits Iris, admitting that he loves her.

Dr. Wells and Joe are able to lure and catch Reverse Flash in their trap. With Reverse Flash caged, Wells, Joe, and Eddie Thawne confront Reverse Flash. Joe asks Reverse Flash why he killed Nora Allen, but Reverse Flash ignores him, and engages with Dr. Wells instead. Wells doesn’t seem to recognize the man in yellow, but says that he has the same powers as the Flash. Reverse Flash disagrees, saying that he is, in fact, Flash’s “Reverse.”

Reverse Flash breaks free of his prison, grabs Wells, and transports them back into the prison. With Eddie and Joe unable to help, Reverse Flash beats Wells. The team is able to save Wells, just as the Flash shows up. Reverse Flash and Barry fight again, and Barry loses again. He’s about to kill Barry, but Firestorm arrives just in time. Hurling a fireball at Reverse Flash, Firestorm scares him away. But before he takes off, Reverse Flash says it isn’t over between him and the Flash. Firestorm then flies away.


What a way to end the season. So many questions, so many emotions. I actually got teary eyed when Barry was talking with his dad.

It was a really good episode, but it did have a bit too much Iris and Barry moments. I don’t mind them when Barry isn’t being a love sick puppy, but man it happens a lot. Iris has also become much a much better character since she is not fawning over the Flash and being his call girl anymore.

I can’t wait for the shows return next month.

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