Legend of Korra Finale

I’m not going to be posting as much as I use to, or want to, because I’m going to be taking an entrance exam soon at the beginning of the year. Most of my time is going to be focused on that cause I want to pass this damn thing. Ugh, I hate it…

But I will post when I can.

One big thing I want to talk about is the Finale of Legend of Korra, because it was so amazing! I’m not really going to recap it, but I will talk about a few things that made it amazing so you will be convinced to go see it if you haven’t.

But first:

I’m not going to get too in depth with it, because I never believe in reading too much into things, I just like to enjoy them. If you’re looking for deep ‘what’s the meaning of’ type stuff, it’s not going to be here cause I’m lazy.

So to start, Kuvira. I don’t know how I felt about her. I am a huge fan of female villains, and Kuvira was for sure an amazing one, but I don’t feel like she met that Azula female villain greatness. Azula was a top character for me in The Last Airbender, because she was extremely evil, but still felt real. Kuvira didn’t feel that way to me, even at the end when she and Korra were talking, I didn’t really feel any connection to her. Her sudden surrender to Korra just felt too easy after they have their little talk. It was like ‘oh, you understand me, guess I better give up.’ I’m probably not giving her the credit she deserves though.

Her fighting was amazing though! She was kicking booty left and right. And when the Avatar gives her the ultimatum with Baatar Jr. she doesn’t give in, no, she makes her peace and blows the building up. That is my type of woman! Screw your love, I’m going on with my objective!

She wasn’t the greatest villain ever, but she will definitely be in my top five.

The Giant Mecha. Not my favorite part of the show at all. I’m actually not a fan of Mecha type shows. The only one I’ve liked so far is Gurren Lagann. Was it cool? Yea, it was, but I would have preferred the show without it. I don’t understand the purpose of it either. Kuvira had all those Mecha suits that would have done just fine, why get a huge robot? Wasn’t her purpose to take back the city for the Earth Kingdom? That thing just destroyed it, you didn’t need it after all. I don’t know, maybe my prejudice against mecha stuff just makes me not like it. I wasn’t a fan of Asami Sato’s in the first couple of seasons either.

I was actually wondering if they would try to block the view of the giant mecha at some point. It just seemed like it would be the easiest way to stop it if you could get close enough. Unsurprisingly, Kuvira had planed for such a thing cause she is always one step ahead. I was honestly expecting Korra to freeze the water it sprayed.

Bolin and Mako. I love these two, but I felt like they took a backseat most of the season. Korra didn’t even write them letters while she was gone! They did have their moment of stopping the power for the mecha, but that was about it. When Mako got knocked out, I really thought they would kill him off (after they did it to Hiroshi). I would have been upset, but I think it would have made for a more realistic finale. I wish there could have been more time with them though, but I understand.

NOW these last 3 points were my favorite moments from the finale. Not really in any particular order though.

Asami and Hiroshi Sato. Asami is by far my favorite character from the series, but this poor girl goes through so much crap. She lost her boyfriend, lost her company, lost profits, made a recovery, then the warehouse blew up. Now in the end, she lost her father, who she just forgave. I’m glad he was able to be redeemed in the end. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I really thought they’d all make it and be a big, happy family again. It wasn’t till the last second when he said goodbye that I knew it was coming. Did it make it easier? NO! But man, I loved it so much.


Varrick and Zhu Li. How amazing are those two? I’m glad we got a proposal and a marriage, I didn’t think they would have the wedding in the final. If they do release comics, I want to see more of them and their relationship.

Lastly, Korra and Asami. I’ve never been into the whole KorrAsami thing, because to me it just didn’t make sense. There wasn’t much chemistry in the first two seasons; they were both after the same guy and barely spent time together. They didn’t talk much to each other, so I just didn’t see how a relationship would even form between them. It wasn’t till the 3rd season (or end of the 2nd, I’m not too sure) that they really stated interacting more. Through the 3rd season into the 4th, I started to support them a bit more because I was finally seeing that chemistry. In the end when they held hands and faced each other in the spirit portal it did feel more romantic than friendly. Yea, you could argue that it’s just friendship, since most anime shows are big on that, but Legend of Korra never really had that big of a friends theme.

Either way, I’m happy with those two as a couple or friends. I just wish so hard that this wasn’t the final season.

I know that I am going to buy all the seasons soon. I hope they release it as a complete set. I am going to watch the finale again and again because it was that good.

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