Rogues’ Gallery

I love Arkham Asylum, don’t you? It’s just so amazing and creepy, home to the supervillainous insane (is that even a word, I don’t know!)

Anyway, I’m in a love hate relationship with this episode, actually with this show in general. I love the story of the week, but I hate the main story. I’m so done with it. All it is is I’m gonna betray you, now I’m gonna betray you, now you. Secrecy, secrecy, secrecy. I swear, if something doesn’t happen soon that isn’t talking in the shadows I may give up on this show.

I understand that it’s suppose to be a mystery, cop drama, not a superhero show, but this is just bad.

I’m not going to go into too much detail with this one. I’ve still gotta watch Galavant and Sleepy Hollow cause I missed them. Laaaamme.

Anyway, Gordon is now working in Arkham since he pissed off the wrong people. While he is there, someone starts doing electroshock experiments on the inmates causing one to become brain dead, and another to recite only Shakespeare. Initially Gordon suspects the other inmates, as one of the guards keys went missing, but soon he believes a member of the staff is responsible.

Barbara is still with her girl, but Montoya breaks it off saying she is toxic to Barbara cause of the drugs and alcohol. Valid. Barbara gets all pissy, and Montoya leaves.

Cat and Ivy are staying at Gordon’s empty apartment till they are more fit to leave. While there Barbara calls, and Ivy answers pretending to be Gordon’s new girl.

Butch is an idiot, killing his childhood best friend for Fish Mooney. I hated this part and it makes me like the show less. I was like, yes, finally, they are gonna get rid of Fish, but nope…so much hate.

How come every time a woman leaves their boyfriend for someone else, and then try to go back they get all jealous that the guy has someone else? I’m female and I don’t understand this. Yea, this time it was Ivy pretending to be the new girl, but Barbara left Gordon to go get some from her ex-girlfriend. The two were going at it every time you saw them. Now that she was considering going back to Gordon she’s upset he might have moved on? You made your decision, live with it. No sense made at all here.

But yea, the story was so good here! I would love to see more like it. I would love it if the main story was taken away, and replaced with this.

I’m pretty frustrated with this show if you couldn’t tell.

Also, am I the only one bothered by how everyone basically has their future villain name already? Cat, Ivy, Penguin; it really annoys me. I do understand Penguin though, but still. And isn’t Pamela Isley (Ivy) suppose to be this really smart scientist, and that’s how she becomes Poison Ivy? I’m confused.

I’m gonna stay with the show a bit longer, but if it doesn’t improve I’m going to say goodbye.

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