Paradise Lost


Was it just me, or was everybody an asshole this episode?  I swear they all irritated me me, except for Jenny and Hawely.

With Moloch and Henry gone, Abbie and Crane try to adjust to life normally. While out at the farmers market, Crane notices a strange mark on one of the fruits. When he and Abbie investigate the farm, they find a strange ceremony going on with a few demons. They attempt to break it up, but have a little trouble. It’s then that an angel flies in and fights off the demons.

He reveals that he was locked in Purgatory, and released when Moloch was defeated. Abbie trusts him right away, but Crane has his doubts.

Meanwhile, Katrina is trying to find a way to separate Abraham from the horseman. When she thinks she has the answer, she calls Crane. They haven’t spoken to each other for about 6 weeks, so Crane runs over thinking it’s about their marriage. When he get there, Katrina tells him about her plan. Crane is upset that he was led there under false pretenses, but hears her out.

Abbie is still with the angel, Orion, when he tells her of his plan to kill the headless horseman, who he once fought in battle and lost to. She takes him to the horseman, where he meets Katrina. They have a short talk and he tells her of his plans to kill the horseman. Katrina sneaks off, and releases Abraham if he promises to not kill anyone. He agrees and disappears. This upsets Orion and he leaves. Abbie and Crane are both upset with Katrina and leave to find the horseman.

When Abbie has a lead on the horseman she summons Orion to help her defeat him. Ichabod learns that Orion has been at major disasters, such as Pompeii, and calls Abbie. He leaves her with the questions, “was he there to prevent them, or cause them?” She ends the call telling him where they are going.

Orion tells Abbie his plan to take the horseman’s power and ‘cleanse’ the world. Abbie and Crane, along with the horseman, stop him from gaining that power, and he flies away.

In the final scenes, it is revealed that a certain someone isn’t dead, and is very confused.

Overall I wasn’t that impressed with this episode. I mean, as soon as you met Orion you knew right away that he was bad news. He just came off really crazy.

I am excited for next weeks episode though. I’m so glad that Irving isn’t dead. He’s my favorite.

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