A quick reading update

I don’t know why, but I just felt compelled to give an update on where I am for my readings this month. It’s probably because I haven’t had anything to post about recently. I can tell you with honesty, though, it has not been great. You try to read, and life gets in the way…

So far I have only read one chapter of Grave Mercy, and one chapter of Throne of Glass. It’s very sad. I thought at this point i’d at least have half way finished one book. I will say that the first chapter of each of these books was very interesting. They do pull you in and make you want to read it more, I just haven’t…….sadface.

As for These Broken Stars, I haven’t even started. Why do I suck so much?!

Anyway, I DID, however, read some amazing short stories by Marissa Meyer that are based on the Lunar Chronicles. HERE is the link.

I’ve only read Glitches so far, and it’s so wonderful. It’s about the time when Cinder came to here new home, a few months into her time there, and when she made Iko. Cinder is by far my favorite character in the Lunar Chronicles, so it was a great treat to read it.

I would highly recommend reading them if you’re a fan of the series.

Now, let’s hope that I finish reading the books I actually planned to read this month.

Oh, in other news, I finally convinced my boyfriend to let me get a cat! Woo! He hates them so much, but I made a convincing argument.I don’t know when we’ll get one, but he agreed to only get a Scottish Fold. I’m not picky, so I’m good either way.


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