What’s going on

Just wanted to give a little update on what’s happening. I am moving again in 2 weeks from Wyoming to North Carolina. I really hope that we will be there far longer than we were here. We had to leave here fast because we just couldn’t take it here anymore.

Packing has been a nightmare. My boyfriend keeps wanting to toss a bunch of stuff out to save space on the truck so I’ve basically been like this the whole time.

I made sure to pack up all my books right away so he wouldn’t be able to touch those. They are more important to me than anything else I own, so I was not getting rid of any of them! It doesn’t help, though, that I’ve still been getting packages of books that I have pre-ordered while we’re still packing stuff…

Anyway, I’m excited about this move. I hope it will be a much better experience than here. I’m really hoping that we enjoy it so much there that we just stay.

Only thing that sucks is that there are so many things on sale that I want, but I can’t order them because they won’t get here before I leave. Sucks.


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