The Wicked Will Rise

Man it took forever for me to finish this book! I actually bought it back in March when it came out and started reading it then, but I didn’t finish it till earlier this week. It’s not because I didn’t like it or anything, I actually really loved it, but some parts of it were pretty boring, and for someone like me going through a reading slump, it did not make a good combination.

All I can really say about this book without spoiling anything is that it takes place immediately after Dorothy Must Die. In the end of that book, Amy is getting ready to leave the Emerald City, in this book, she is flying away from it. That’s how immediate.

I rated this book at about 4 stars on Goodreads, though I think it’s more of a 4.5, since a good part of it did bore me, but Goodreads foolishly doesn’t have half stars. It wasn’t as good as Dorothy Must Die for me, but there where characters brought in that I really loved. I’m looking forward to the next book, even though sadly I saw it’s not coming out till 2017. Honestly this book wrapped up in the end I though this was it. I did like how it ended, it reminded me of how The Wizard of Oz ended, so I hope the next book feels the same way. 


 I really would like to go into a detailed recap, but it’s been a bit since I started this book so I don’t remember every detail about it. I will try my best.

So like I said, this book picks up right after Dorothy Must Die, with Amy, Ollie, Maude, and Ozma escaping from a burning Emerald City thanks to paper wings given to them from the Wizard. In the midst of their escape, they are attacked and their paper wings destroyed. They are all falling to their deaths when Amy uses her magic to stop them. They soon realize that they are not safe when the not-so-cowardly lion shows up. Amy struggles to fight him, but is soon consumed by the darkness and wins the fight. She takes the Lion’s tail, which contains he courage, and adds it to her bag holding the tin man’s heart.

The Lion is now back to the Cowardly Lion and Amy decides not to finish him off. It’s then that more wingless monkeys come out of the trees and take the group to the hidden ‘Queendom of the Wingless Ones.’ While there, Amy meets Queen Lulu, the former guardian to Princess Ozma. Lulu agrees to let them all stay, but makes it clear that she will not get involved in the war. During the night, Amy meets Pete again, and learns the truth about him and Ozma:

When Ozma was a child, she was looked after by Queen Lulu (who was just her caretaker then, not queen) until she became of age to rule. Unfortunately, the Wizard showed up and wanted control of Oz. In order to do so, he took Ozma from Lulu and gave her to Mombi. Mombi put an enchantment over Ozma and turned her into Tippetarius as a cover. When Dorothy showed up the first time, she was able to get rid of the Wizard, but no one was in control of Oz. Tip soon left Mombi and met Glinda, who was able to see through the spell, and put Ozma back on the throne. Soon Glenda starts to feel her power dwindle, and brings Dorothy back. Ozma enjoys having Dorothy back, until she starts to want power. Ozma wants Dorothy to return to Kansas, which she gets upset about, and places Ozma in her current state. Tip resurfaces because he became his own spirit, due to Mombi’s “second-rate” spellcasting, and begins to call himself Pete.

After hearing the story, Amy promises to help him and then Mombi shows up. Queen Lulu, upset with Mombi for taking Ozma, gives her a trial and has Amy as the defense. She is able to convince Lulu to keep Mombi around, and takes her to their room. Mombi then asks Amy to look for Polychrome so she can help The Order get rid of Dorothy. Amy and Ozma leave to look for her, and are given a gift from Lulu that she stole from Glinda. When they use it, it turns into a large tent. It seems great at first, but when they wake up they see Glinda in it. Fortunately she is just a projection, but Amy tries to fight her off by changing Ozma to Pete.

They continue their journey, Pete turning back into Ozma, and ending up in the land of the lost. It’s there that they meet up with Nox and also find a man named Bright. He takes Amy, Ozma, and Nox to Polychrome where she lets them stay for the night. She tells Amy that she will fix Ozma, but it will get rid of Pete. Amy decides that they need to leave because she doesn’t want Pete gone, but when she changes Ozma, Pete knocks her out and escapes, too afraid to see what happens.

When Amy wakes up, Polychrome’s home is on fire and being attacked. It turns out that Pete went to Glinda for help, and so she and Dorothy were able to find them. Polychrome, Amy, Nox, and Bright fight Dorothy and Glinda, but end up losing. Dorothy and Glinda take Ozma, as well as the tin mans heart and the lions tail, and leave. Polychrome is killed, and Bright leaves. Amy and Nox leave as well, and end up at a wall at the end of the yellow brick road.

Upset, Amy begins to beat the wall, transforming herself into a monster. She becomes frightened, but is able to change back. With the wall down, they are able to see the other side is the Emerald Palace, and they meet up with Queen Lulu. Lulu tells them they were able to capture Glinda, but Dorothy took Ozma into the Palace Maze. Amy and Nox follow them, running into the scarecrow, but see that he already had his brains taken out. Amy kills him, and they continue following Dorothy, but Nox ends up left behind.

When Amy reaches them in the middle, she sees the Wizard is there and Dorothy wants to begin her plan of destroying Kansas. The Wizard betrays her to carry out his own plan, taking control of Dorothy and Amy. He is stopped when Pete is able to jump out of Ozma, and attack him. With his plan undone, a tornado destroys everything and Dorothy and Amy end up back in Kansas.

The entire park is destroyed from the Tornado, and Amy sees the witches of the order. She begins to walk towards them.

There wasn’t much bad with this book, but I was upset that the book was so small. Where Dorothy Must Die was almost 500 pages, this one was only 300. Not a big deal, but still sucked.

Amy was also a bit more annoying in the middle because she obsessed so much with finding Nox. That’s all she really cared about. She is such an interesting, in your face character who doesn’t care about a lot, so for her constantly thinking, ‘oh, I have to find Nox,’ got a bit irritating. I did like, however, that it was just her thinking about him, and not her admitting it out loud. I can honestly relate to that, and it felt real to her character, even though I wish she obsessed less about it.

The other thing was that soooooo much of this book was just talking. It started off great, but then it went into searching, and talking, and waiting, and looking, and nothing. I got very bored.

I do also wish that we saw more of the scarecrow because I thought he was the coolest and creepiest. There wasn’t much of those guys in this one, Tin Man cause he was dead, and I really liked that about the first book. It was so creepy, and disturbing, and I loved it!

Good Things!

There were a lot of good things in this book. Unlike most books that I’ve read, this one takes place just a little bit after the last book. I like seeing what happens right after the last book, instead of being told by the main character who is recapping.

Also, Pete’s gay. I think it’s so great that more books are becoming more diverse. I’d like to see even more diversity, but I feel like this is a start, especially since Pete is a main character. The only thing bad about this is that I feel the author did that to sort of stop the love triangle that was forming. In the first book, Pete was a mystery and we learned nothing about him. In this one we learn all about him. I don’t know, I was happy, but still felt that way since he admitted it after Amy kissed him.

I’m also really interested to see where this goes. At the end it wrapped up and Amy is back in Kansas, so I want to know what the next book will be about. I saw that it’s not being released till 2017, so that is depressing. I can’t wait though, since I am really loving this series.


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