Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

What a good movie. I totally did a google search of the movie online and found a link, then watched it all. Loved it, and I’m not even a huge Aquaman fan.

Yea, it was predictable and what not, but I really enjoyed it.

Spoilers ahead.

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Rogues’ Gallery

I love Arkham Asylum, don’t you? It’s just so amazing and creepy, home to the supervillainous¬†insane (is that even a word, I don’t know!)

Anyway, I’m in a love hate relationship with this episode, actually with this show in general. I love the story of the week, but I hate the main story. I’m so done with it. All it is is I’m gonna betray you, now I’m gonna betray you, now you. Secrecy, secrecy, secrecy. I swear, if something doesn’t happen soon that isn’t talking in the shadows I may give up on this show.

I understand that it’s suppose to be a mystery, cop drama, not a superhero show, but this is just bad.

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Legend of Korra Finale

I’m not going to be posting as much as I use to, or want to, because I’m going to be taking an entrance exam soon at the beginning of the year. Most of my time is going to be focused on that cause I want to pass this damn thing. Ugh, I hate it…

But I will post when I can.

One big thing I want to talk about is the Finale of Legend of Korra, because it was so amazing! I’m not really going to recap it, but I will talk about a few things that made it amazing so you will be convinced to go see it if you haven’t. Continue reading

The Disney Tag

Man this has been a pretty bad week. Town meetings, planning commissions, no motivation, sick all week, and now I can’t watch the final of Once Upon A Time cause my boyfriend is watching his football game, and I only have one tv….booooooooty.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag post, and because I have nothing else to post (at least not right now) I’ve found a cool Disney one that looks amazing. I hate that I have so little motivation now. I think it has a lot to do with the weather. So much snow, it surprises and angers me.

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