The Man in the Yellow Suit

Man I got lucky and home just in time to watch the show! Seriously, I walked in the door at 8:00 and turned the tv on at 8:01. I’m so glad too, because this episode was actually pretty good, even with the Barry/Iris crap.

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The Flash is Born!

How amazing is this picture? I don’t care if wasn’t part of the show, I think it’s so nice. Gonna find this in poster format and hang it somewhere. If my boyfriend can have a room full of Kentucky Football/Basketball posters, I can have an amazing one of The Flash.

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Things You Can’t Outrun

This show is about flashbacks. I mean, all the shows have had flashbacks, but this one was heavy on them. What’s more so is that the flashbacks were about the S.T.A.R Labs people, and I just don’t care enough about them to have even wanted the back story. Seriously, between Arrow and The Flash, I miss when superheroes were smart and secret.

I am loving how every episode so far is about people with superpowers, but I guess what do you expect when the main character is a super-powered human who runs extremely fast. It’s like the best thing ever.  Continue reading