Rogues’ Gallery

I love Arkham Asylum, don’t you? It’s just so amazing and creepy, home to the supervillainous¬†insane (is that even a word, I don’t know!)

Anyway, I’m in a love hate relationship with this episode, actually with this show in general. I love the story of the week, but I hate the main story. I’m so done with it. All it is is I’m gonna betray you, now I’m gonna betray you, now you. Secrecy, secrecy, secrecy. I swear, if something doesn’t happen soon that isn’t talking in the shadows I may give up on this show.

I understand that it’s suppose to be a mystery, cop drama, not a superhero show, but this is just bad.

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The Man in the Yellow Suit

Man I got lucky and home just in time to watch the show! Seriously, I walked in the door at 8:00 and turned the tv on at 8:01. I’m so glad too, because this episode was actually pretty good, even with the Barry/Iris crap.

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