Paradise Lost


Was it just me, or was everybody an asshole this episode?  I swear they all irritated me me, except for Jenny and Hawely.

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Magnum Opus

Oh  my gosh, how long has it been since we got a good headless horseman episode?! WAY TOO LONG!

He is much more awesome when he doesn’t talk, I mean seriously.

The beginning was cute too, I love that whole name game thing. I haven’t played it yet, but I’ve been begging for the headbandz game. Of course it doesn’t matter now cause we live far away from our family, but we always played board games every now and then. It was awesome and I think this one would have been fun.

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Why do you do this to me?

Oh my God I hate the headless horseman with a head, it’s the worst! Please go back to him being a SILENT killing maniac. That was the best thing I liked about the series. Seriously, I would get so excited when he would make an appearance, now I hate it.

I also liked Crane and Caroline. They are so cute. I am not really a fan of Abbie x Crane, but I totally dig Ichabod x Caroline. I know it’s not going to happen NOW, but I can dream. I so hate what happened to her. Seriously, I am really angry about that.

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