A quick reading update

I don’t know why, but I just felt compelled to give an update on where I am for my readings this month. It’s probably because I haven’t had anything to post about recently. I can tell you with honesty, though, it has not been great. You try to read, and life gets in the way…

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I hate that I haven’t posted much, but I’ve been so busy with school work. Also, we’ve been trying to pack because we are hoping to move in the next month or so. We don’t know where yet, we’re waiting on a job to pop up and say ‘hey come work for us.’ We are so hopeful that one happens soon.

I also haven’t watched any actual television for the past 2-3 weeks, because we’ve been re-watching Fairy Tale and One Piece. We got the DVDs for Christmas, and so we’ve been popping in those DVDs and playing them through. It’s been fun.

Anyway, I wanted to do a quick favorites post because why not, they’re fun!

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October Book Haul – Ebooks part 1

I did not realize how many ebooks I bought in the month of October. When I counted them, they totaled over 20. No wonder my boyfriend was getting mad at me for kindle purchases. I know there is no way posting all of them would be great, it would be super long, so I decided to do them in parts.

There are so many ebooks because I pay attention to many of the sales, and I am signed up for Bookbub. What is Bookbub? It’s a program that emails you all the online book deals going on through Amazon, Apple, and BN. It’s really awesome because when you sign up, you select what you are interested in and they only send you that. I would recommend it if you like ebooks.

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October Book Haul

I decided to go ahead and try a Book Haul post showing what books I have bought this past month. I know I like them because they give me ideas on what to buy in the future. I hope that they will give you ideas as well.

I actually bought a lot more than I thought I had. It probably had a lot to do with me looking at the used books on amazon. Sometimes they have really good books in great condition for $3-$5, and it’s even more amazing when they are fulfilled by amazon. I also got some bookshelves finally, but sadly not the ones I wanted because Walmart ran out of them.

Anyway, here’s what I bought this month. Click the book pictures for links.

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